forepsyte offers research and data analysis services to academia and business.

 Virtual Research Assistant
  • We design and implement online psychology and social science experiments for business and academia
  • We can deliver almost any test or task, instantly, to participants anywhere in the world
  • Receive the results of your study, ready for analysis, without ever leaving your office
 Statistics Support and Consultancy
  • We can transform your raw data into a user-friendly report customised to your purposes
  • Flexible support - complete data analysis service or a quick consultancy for already-existing data
  • We offer pure and applied statistics tuition for students and researchers at all levels
 Psychometrics Lab
  • Full range of services for the construction, statistical testing and scoring of aptitude tests, self-report personality assessment questionnaires and clinical scales
  • Make comparisons between respondents easy and intuitive with statistical normalising/standardising of scales
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