Persuasion Relative Strength Indicator

Hello! I'm thrilled that you are interested in evaluating your persuasiveness at work. All responses are held securely and are completely anonymous. If you have any questions about the survey, please email us at

If you are happy to take part, please complete the consent form below. Completing the form doesn't oblige you to finish the questionnaire - you can stop whenever you like. By consenting, you agree to let us use your anonymised data for statistical analysis and the development of psychometric assessments. Your data cannot be used to identify you.

If you do choose to complete the whole questionnaire, you will receive a report describing your most and least dominant persuasion competencies.

This is a self-assessment tool and relies completely on your awareness and judgement of yourself. The more honest and thoughtful you are about your answers, the more valuable this tool will be for your self-development. Please respond to the questions as your 'work self' rather than as your 'personal self'.

Participation in this study is open anonymously to anyone in Australia. If you know anyone else who might be interested in taking part, please distribute the link to this page.

Please read the statements below. If you agree with them and are willing to proceed, please click on the four checkboxes on the right, then click 'Begin'.

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